Clog type sandal with crossed straps by Papanatas

If you are looking for a versatile, attractive and trendy shoe, we present you the clog type sandal with crossed straps by Papanatas.

Our most fashionable brand has in this type of footwear a fashion icon, reinventing its concept every season.

The clog is one of those special pieces that we have in the wardrobe to match any dress or trousers when the good weather arrives.

It is a delight to see girls walk with thistype of sandal full of style that gives them a fresh and unusual air.

Papanatas has sizes that reach up to number 41, so the partership between girls and moms with this shoe model becomes a delight.

As an individual gift it seduces enormously. As a double gift, for girls and moms, it generates an unparalleled experience.

Clogs dress and a lot more; they provide distinction, elegance and a sophisticated fashion touch in urban environments that is very interesting.

Without a doubt, it is a model that makes the difference and that does not leave indifferent.

Clog type sandal with crossed straps by Papanatas
Clog type sandal with crossed straps by Papanatas

Clog type sandal with crossed straps by Papanatas

This shoe is made of natural metallic bovine leather. 

The contrast between this type of leather and the wooden platform results in a very original set.

The wooden platform acts as a sole, being very light, with a heel and a soft anti-slipping rubber base that provides a perfect comfort.

Its fastening is made with a buckle, which is very comfortable, practical and subtle.

Like all the models of our brands (Papanatas, Sibaritas and Cucada) this clog type sandal is handmade in Spain with top quality materials.

It is important to emphasize that they fit small, so it is convenient to choose one size extra.

This and other models of sandals are available in our online store (click here to access). 

Photo credit: Eli 1957

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