Eli 1957

Washable, resistant and durable school footwear for the new scholar year

On this occasion we want to tell you about the unique advantages of our washable, resistant and durable school footwear for the new scholar year.  Can you imagine washing the school shoes of your kids in the washing machine? Our three special models of ecofriendly shoes allow you to wash in up to 30º of temperature.   With this in mind, we ensure that this school footwear is […]

Eli 1957

School shoes with ecological materials for the new school year

We are approaching the start of the new school year and we have ready our new proposals for school shoes with ecological materials.  In Eli 1957 we are aware of the importance of this type of footwear for a day-to-day full of energy in girls and boys.  Our models of schoolshoes made with organic materials have the best features tailored for […]

Eli 1957

Children’s stories where shoes have a leading role

Today we bring you an interesting collection of children’s stories where shoes have a leading role that you can share with your kids.  Perhaps there is nothing more beautiful than telling a story to our sons and daughters at bed before they go to sleep.  Therefore, we have compiled a small selection of children’s stories in which footwear is the subject […]

Eli 1957

The necessary importance of reliable handmade shoes

In Eli 1957 we have been fulfilling a great commitment for more than sixty years, with which we highlight the importance of reliable handmade shoes. The process of design and manufacture of footwear has in the handmade method or procedure the essence of things well done. Undoubtedly, the end result is a product designed for a long use and for a full satisfaction of the […]

Eli 1957

Seasonal Sales of our Collections in our Online Store

Here are our seasonal sales of our Collections in our Online Store. It is the perfect time to buy models of the current season with important discounts. All of our brands, Sibaritas, Papanatas and Cucada have very interesting proposals for discounts. Cucada Our brand specializing in babies and first steps kids has models from sizes 16 to 25. Bootees and […]


Ballerinas with crossed straps and bows by Papanatas

One of the best properties of a shoe is that it gives us multiple chances to use them. That is what happens with the ballerinas with crossed straps and bows by Papanatas. The ballerinas are a type of footwear which design is inspired by classical ballet, hence its name. In infinity of occasions, ballerinas take the leading role both in […]

Eli 1957

The iconic shoe boxes of Papanatas, Sibaritas and Cucada

One of the distinctive elements of our products are the iconic shoe boxes of Papanatas, Sibaritas and Cucada. Each of our 3 brands has a packaging imbued with the personality of these. Externally, the influence of a beautiful box and that represents each brand is very important. In our case, there are innumerable clients of our shoes that tell us how these boxes stay […]


Clog type sandal with crossed straps by Papanatas

If you are looking for a versatile, attractive and trendy shoe, we present you the clog type sandal with crossed straps by Papanatas. Our most fashionable brand has in this type of footwear a fashion icon, reinventing its concept every season. The clog is one of those special pieces that we have in the wardrobe to match any dress or trousers […]

Eli 1957

Solidarity shoes campaign for girls and boys in Bilbao

Within our social actions policy, we have participated in the second “Shoes of Solidarity “ campaign for the girls and boys of Bilbao. The Footwear Museum of Elda and the charity association The Milk Drop of Bilbao (La Gota de Leche de Bilbao) have carried out this second campaign of Solidary shoes. This action is the result of an agreement that was created in 2018. This consists of donations of shoes of distinguished persons of […]


Design and fashion in sandals for little kids by Cucada

In this week’s post we want to talk about design and fashion in sandals for little kids by Cucada. Why give up on design and fashion when we are considering shoes for children? This is one of our premises for our brand Cucada, which is specialist in footwear for babies and first steps kids. Under the classic functionality […]

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