Cucada, color and fun for the most spoilt feet of the house

Boys and girls are the joy of our houses and our brand Cucada works to put color and fun for the most spoiled feet of the house.  Our line specializing in shoes for babies and first steps kids has numerous important details to keep in mind.   Amongst them, Cucada’s shoes favors the development of the foot of the baby […]

Eli 1957

Eli 1957 participates in Stock Euskadi, solidarity footwear campaign

Eli 1957, within our social actions policy, we have participated in the Stock Euskadi event, a restorative solidarity campaign of footwear.  Held from December 13th to the 15th, 2019, this has been the first time that the winter edition has taken place this month.  It was certainly a very special edition, not only because of the dates (Christmas), but also because of […]


Comfort, comfortable and design in our Sibaritas Sports Boots

Undoubtedly, if there is something we ask for a shoe to fulfil is it has to be comfortable, it has to provide comfort and it has to have design, a trilogy we always find in our Sibaritas Sports Boots. In a day-to-day basis, this type of footwear is used in a regular basis, and it should provide us with […]


Exclusive gifts for Christmas: Shoes with style by Sibaritas

With an eye on this special time of the year we want to propose as exclusive gifts for Christmas two different models of shoes with style by Sibaritas.  Our brand of classic shoes, reinvented with today’s nuances, has in its latest collection of footwear, the best models for exquisite experiences. For the occasion, we have selected two blucher style shoes, […]


Exclusive gifts for Christmas: Trendy Sibaritas Boots

We are reaching a special time of the year in which you can show lots of love to that unique person and we offer you exclusive gifts for Christmas: Trendy Sibaritas boots. Our brand specialized in making special moments unique and exclusive, with reinvented classic models, comes with stunning models.   In order to surprise someone with the best of gifts at this […]


Gifts to make a difference: Papanatas and Sibaritas ankle boots

Looking for gifts to make a difference for this Christmas? Without a doubt, choosing a pair of Papanatas and Sibaritas boots is a perfect option. Papanatas is our most fashionable and daring shoe brand, with striking proposals in each collection. It brings together all the necessary characteristics to comply with current styles and trends, being very combinable. On the […]


Sara and Vera, new accessories in the form of a handbag by Papanatas

In this post we want to introduce you to Sara and Vera, two new accessories in the form of a Papanatas handbag. They belong to the new autumn/winter collection and are two proposals that combine perfectly with many of our models. Papanatas, our most fashionable brand, has very daring models that together with these handbags create a perfect pack. Both are ideal […]

Eli 1957

Eli’s 1957 shoes protagonists in Hola! Kids Autumn/Winter 20

Again, Eli’s 1957 shoes are protagonists in the prestigious fashion magazine Hello! Kids AW20. In its special number for the autumn/winter season 19/20, the main novelties in clothing and footwear stand out.   There are several Eli 1957 models chosen to appear in the pages of the magazine.   These models appear as complements to different trending looks for the season.   Among the featured styles are the following:   Trendy kids From princess to rocker Black […]


Origin and curiosities about the fun Halloween party

We probably don’t know much about the true origin and some curiosities about the fun Halloween party. Halloween is a contraction of the English All Hallows’ Eve, which refers to “All Saints Eve”.   This celebration is also known for Witches Nightor as the Night of All Saints.   It is a modern celebration, especially in countries like the United States, Canada, Ireland or the United Kingdom.   Also, […]

Eli 1957

Ideal shoes for a special and scary party: Halloween

In this post we want to talk to you about a special party like Halloween, with ideal shoes for such occasion.  Dark colors such as black, some good design details and suitable materials for this special date provide an ideal topping to any costume.   Do not forget that shoes must be comfortable, lightweight and allow boys and girls to enjoy the […]

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