Eli 1957

#Stayawarestaysafe, paint and color Eli 1957 shoes as a family!

We propose something for you to share:  #Stayawarestaysafe, paint and color Eli 1957 shoes as a family. We have printed some of the shoe models of the season so that your kids can have a fun time drawing them. In addition, you can upload your drawings to Instagram (click here) and participate in the raffle of a pair of shoes of […]


Communion and ceremony 2020: Cucada’s designer shoes

Special moments for boys and girls are coming and Cucada’s designer shoes do not forget about your kids for communion and ceremony in this 2020.    Shoes for babies and first steps towards special dates are very important.   To its essential functional qualities like ergonomics, quality, comfort or breathability, design aspects must be added. In short, they must be beautiful, flashy, special. […]


Communion and Ceremony 2020: designer shoes by Sibaritas

For these imminent special and unforgettable dates, Sibaritas already has its designer shoes ready for communion and ceremony in this 2020 season. Our line Sibaritas proposes the reinvention of classic concepts associated with special moments, leading to a dream footwear. We know very well that small details make a difference.   Of course, a special day like the First Communion is a perfect occasion to […]


Communion and ceremony 2020: design shoes by Papanatas

Special and unforgettable days are coming very soon and Papanatas already has its design shoes ready for communion and ceremony in this 2020 season.   We have very present in our DNA the continuous reinvention of classic concepts associated with celebrations, giving rise to a dream footwear. We know very well that small details make a difference.   And we also know that a […]


Ballerinas of high personality and design by Papanatas

For this occasion we have selected two beautiful models of Ballerinas of high personality and design by Papanatas. This type of footwear is a basic in the wardrobe, since they are a timeless complement that can be used many times.   Good Ballerinas, other than having a beautiful design, must have essential functional aspects, such as comfort. Therefore, it is highly recommended […]

Eli 1957

Collaboration of Eli 1957 with youtubers Tremending Girls

In this post we are going to tell you about Eli 1957’s collaboration with the Tremending Girls youtubers. The well-known YouTube brothers Lara (@ larukyna) and Niko (@ nikonauta), together with their mother, Violeta (@ violeta.tremending) have an interesting channel in this social network.  They have millions of views, as we can see by accessing their YouTube Channel (click here to access). Lara, Niko and Violeta are a […]


Princess Leonor wearing Mary-Janes by Papanatas for a special day

We love this news, and it is that we have fallen in love again with Princess Leonor wearin Mary-Janes by Papanatas for a special day.    Yesterday, Monday, February 3rd, 2020, the solemn opening ceremony of the XIV Spanish Legislature was held. In the act, the royal family met, with the Kings of Spain, Don Felipe and Doña Leticia, as well as […]


Cucada bootie with fringes, an attractive timeless model

On this occasion we point out a model that makes us fall in love, like this flirty little bootie by Cucada, an attractive timeless model.  Although it is focused for the little girls in the house, its design is inspired by the fashion of their older sisters or moms.   This bootie has a great personality and strengthens any look with […]


Moccasin type Slipper by Papanatas, the excellence in design

Today we bring you an example of our approach, with a unique model: moccasin type slipper by Papanatas, the excellence in design.  Our most fashionable brand creates seasonal models inspired by fashion trends to dress those who are looking for a difference.   These shoes have a set of characteristics that make them unique pieces for special moments.   On one hand, its functional aspects in terms of comfort, performance, […]


Cucada, color and fun for the most spoilt feet of the house

Boys and girls are the joy of our houses and our brand Cucada works to put color and fun for the most spoiled feet of the house.  Our line specializing in shoes for babies and first steps kids has numerous important details to keep in mind.   Amongst them, Cucada’s shoes favors the development of the foot of the baby […]

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