Eli 1957

Eli’s 1957 shoes protagonists in Hola! Kids Autumn/Winter 20

Again, Eli’s 1957 shoes are protagonists in the prestigious fashion magazine Hello! Kids AW20. In its special number for the autumn/winter season 19/20, the main novelties in clothing and footwear stand out.   There are several Eli 1957 models chosen to appear in the pages of the magazine.   These models appear as complements to different trending looks for the season.   Among the featured styles are the following:   Trendy kids From princess to rocker Black […]


Origin and curiosities about the fun Halloween party

We probably don’t know much about the true origin and some curiosities about the fun Halloween party. Halloween is a contraction of the English All Hallows’ Eve, which refers to “All Saints Eve”.   This celebration is also known for Witches Nightor as the Night of All Saints.   It is a modern celebration, especially in countries like the United States, Canada, Ireland or the United Kingdom.   Also, […]

Eli 1957

Ideal shoes for a special and scary party: Halloween

In this post we want to talk to you about a special party like Halloween, with ideal shoes for such occasion.  Dark colors such as black, some good design details and suitable materials for this special date provide an ideal topping to any costume.   Do not forget that shoes must be comfortable, lightweight and allow boys and girls to enjoy the […]


Urban and cosmopolitan style sports shoes by Sibaritas

Without a doubt, what we like most is to impress you and for that reason we want to present you, so you start enjoying them, the urban and cosmopolitan style sports shoes by Sibaritas.   The urban styleis very fashionable, since touring the city for leisure, study or work is a daily activity.   We want to provide shoes that look different when you […]


Sports shoes with a fashion and chic design by Sibaritas

The new autumn/winter season brings with it unparalleled proposals in the form of sports shoes with a fashion and chic design by Sibaritas.   Our line of Sibaritas shoes is able to reinvent classic concepts towards absolutely current styles that set fashion trends.   The spectacular fusion of the sports concept with the fashion concept gives rise to spectacular hybrid models.   The result […]

Eli 1957

Animal Print, trending shoes always in fashion

Undoubtedly, the Animal Print line results in trending shoes always in fashion.   It is a type of print that season after season has a fixed gap.   As such, both in spring/summer and in autumn/winter, it is a basic piece in the closet, which combines with everything.  Leopard, zebra, tiger, cheetah and other options mark an unmistakable style. They are bold options that always bring fresh air to any type of look.  […]


Spectacular and singular boots by Sibaritas for impact looks

One of the hallmarks of Eli 1957 are the always spectacular and singular Sibaritas cowboy boots for impact looks.  The boots are an essential element in the fall/winter season, since there is always the opportunity to dazzle with a striking model.  Comfort, design and complementarity come together in a product that we always try to reinvent, giving it trending nuances every […]


Trend shoes by Papanatas that moves girls and moms

Some of our jewels each season are the trend shoes by Papanatasthat moves girls and moms.  Our most fashionable brand has in mind a very nice way of sharing and creating a strong bond between moms and daughters: wearing the same model of shoes.  As such, starting from the moment they both discover the model they love, down to […]


Booties for babies and shoes for their first steps by Cucada

The new Autumn/Winter season has started and we want to tell you about the booties for babies and shoes for their first steps by Cucada.   When babies begin to crawl and make their first interactions with the floor an emotional smile is drawn on our faces.  It is none too soon, it is the best sign that they already have some […]

Eli 1957

New shoes of the 2019 fall/winter season by Eli 1957

Finally, here they are! The new shoes of the 2019 fall/winter season by Eli 1957 are already available in many shops.  With all the hopeful anticipation of the world, our brands of footwear for boys, girls and moms have just opened with many new novelties.  Our brands, Cucada, Papanatas and Sibaritas, continue to be faithful to their concept and bring us models full of […]

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