Slipper Style Moccasin with a vinyl strap by Papanatas

We love to show you daring proposals like this model in the form of a slipper style moccasin with a vinyl strap by Papanatas.

We are always looking for innovative and fun proposals; we try not leave indifferent. This is our most fashionable brand, Papanatas.

And it is not only in footwear, but also in accessories, as we saw in this previous post with the Ivanka bag (click here to find out).

Girls and moms have in the proposals of Papanatas the opportunity to wear the same shoes. This turns the special moments into unique experiences.

Furthermore, if those shoes are as groundbreaking as the proposal that we are presenting you, the complicity is assured. 

Let’s see the unique characteristics of this model.

Slipper Style Moccasin with a vinyl strap by Papanatas
Slipper Style Moccasin with a vinyl strap by Papanatas

Slipper Style Moccasin with a vinyl strap by Papanatas

Inspired by the shape of a Moccasin, this model leaves its heel exposed, with a really striking design.

Its vinyl strap fits perfectly to the foot and makes the fastening practically invisible, giving the shoe an eye-catching and elegant style.

These shoes incorporate a classic metal detail, which gives personality to the shoe.

The model is made of bovine patent leather, with a goat skin lining.

Softness and comfort come together in a unique composition, with a lined and padded insole.

The rubber soleis flexible and anti-slipping, perfect for a prolonged and safe use.

As it happens with all the models of our brands (Papanatas, Sibaritas and Cucada), the manufacturing process is all handmade.

Of course, designed and made in Spain, with top quality leathers and materials.

It is important to note that this model fits your real size.

You can discover this and other models in our online store (click here to access).

It is available in white patent, colt and nappa leathers, being any of the three perfect options to combine with.

Photo credit: Eli 1957

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