APADIS, the leading role in our new Spring/Summer Campaign

We present our new Spring/Summer campaign, in which we have an exceptional protagonist: APADIS.

In this new campaign our brand Papanatas returns to project its concept based on the emotional duality between mothers and daughters.

Papanatas is our most fashionable line, always full of boldness and color, showing the latest trends in fashion.

Continuing with the line of the two previous years, our proposal continues betting on the duality between girls and moms.

Fitting the same model is possible thanks to Papanatas, as it has shoes up to thesize 41.

Ballerinas, Mary-Janes, clogs, bluchers and sandals in leathers of different colors are object of desire for comfort, style and tendency.

To discover the collection, we invite you to browse our online store: Click here to access.

APADIS, campaign, Eli 1957, new, spring, protagonist, summer
APADIS, campaign, Eli 1957, new, spring, protagonist, summer

APADIS, protagonist in our new Spring/Summer Campaign

On this occasion we also wanted to support a social action with which we are committed to, developing an integrating concept.

Therefore, we have the collaboration of APADIS, association for the care of persons with intellectual disabilities in Villena and the surrounding region.

This association, which this year reaches its 50thanniversary, performs an impressive social and human work for which it has been recognized on numerous occasions.

In the campaign image you can see Pilar, to the left. A girl who receives the daily attention she needs from the APADIS professionals.

The motto that we have created for this campaign is “Girls and moms stomping“.

In it, we want to reflect several nuancesThe first of them, the duality between girls and moms characteristic of our brand Papanatas.

The second of them, the amplitude of the feminine concept that step by step is achieving the normalization in our society.

Finally, our tribute to APADIS and its invaluable social work so that many girls (also children and adults) manage to step hard on this world.

Congratulations to the whole family of APADIS . 

Photo credit :   Eli 1957

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