Key aspects about the first steps of girls and boys (I)

In this article and the following one we are going to highlight some key aspects about the first steps of girls and boys.

The moment our babies start to take their first steps is unforgettable.

And of course, a very important element are the shoes, as for this early stage of life they should meet some fundamental characteristics.

First, the shoe must provide flexibility to the foot. In this key growth stage the shoes must adapt perfectly to the feet and not represent a problem.

As such, choosing the correct shoe number that adapts to the foot so the shoes wrap the feet without any rigidities are very important aspects.

Key aspects about the first steps of girls and boys (I)
Key aspects about the first steps of girls and boys (I)

The fastening is another key factor in the shoes of girls and boys

Third, stability provides security, therefore a good fastening is important. Now, it should not be to tight so it does not hamper the correct movement of the foot.

When girls and boys start to walk, they make a good effort to maintain their balance and not fall.

This safety contribution through the fastening must be perfectly designed and executed when the shoe is being made.

We must highlight, especially, the front area (toe) and the back area (heel), that there are two critical areas that must provide a good adaptability.

The fastener is also very important, and it can consist of a button, laces, zip, velcro, etc.

Any of these fasteners must keep in mind the practicality so that mummies and daddies can fit their babies comfortably.

As an example, we are showing this small boot from our brand Cucada which focuses on babies and first-steps kids.

It is an Apache type model with a fringe, made in water-proof bovine split.

Its fastening is by means of a soft cotton lace. It has an interior lining and a rubber sole to the tone.

Very important: handmade shoes in Spain, with top quality materials.

Available in our Online Shop (click here to access).

In our next post, we will talk about other aspects to bear in mind in the first steps shoes of our girls and boys.

Photo credit: Eli 1957

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