The necessary importance of reliable handmade shoes

In Eli 1957 we have been fulfilling a great commitment for more than sixty years, with which we highlight the importance of reliable handmade shoes.

The process of design and manufacture of footwear has in the handmade method or procedure the essence of things well done.

Undoubtedly, the end result is a product designed for a long use and for a full satisfaction of the final user.

The handcrafted has the charm for tradition, while we cannot forget that technologies are an excellent companion for the optimization of processes.

Good shoes must meet the initial expectations of the consumer, a key aspect in the future confidence for the brand. 

The necessary importance of reliable handmade shoes
The necessary importance of reliable handmade shoes

The importance of reliable handmade shoes

Precisely to foster confidence, we have to take care of several aspects of the shoe that are absolutely essential.

A good design will guarantee a good visual aspect that allows to combine with different looks and will awaken the imagination of the user.

The choice and care for the lasts will allow a perfect development of the foot, especially at the earliest ages.

This will ensure a proper growth and an excellent base for the first steps.

At the same time, this fact will directly affect the comfort of the feet, especially in those days of long hours of use.

Undoubtedly, leathers are another differential element. In Eli 1957 we use top quality and performance leathers to manufacture our shoes.

The fastening systems (buckle, zip, velcro, etc.) are another very prominent aspect, since it will allow an easy and comfortable adjustment to the foot.

Of course, the sole plays another decisive role in the structure of a good handmade shoe, as it is the area of ​​contact with the surface.

All these reasons and many more make Eli 1957 and its brands (Sibaritas, Papanatas and Cucada) a highly trusted brand.

Photo credit: Eli 1957

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