Communion and ceremony: elegant and stylish shoes

As we saw in the previous post (click here to read), we have started the season just before some unforgettable appointments where elegant and stylish shoes are key.

For boys and girls, celebrating the First Communion or attending any type of ceremony is something really special.

Shoes play a decisive role in the composition of special clothing for these unique days.

From the most classic styles, always with current details, to the most modern styles, our Sibaritas brand presents its new collection.

Its proposals for First Communion or ceremony are versatile, stylish and always providing fundamental attributes such as comfort.

Sibaritas, elegant and stylish shoes for First Communion and ceremonies

Our proposals make the difference. They are shoesthat go beyond the moment, marking a before and an after.

The design, manufacturing and features make any of the Sibaritas’ models to have a great usability for these events.

Its details allow these models to be used in many other looks onwards.

Communion and ceremony: elegant and stylish shoes
Communion and ceremony: elegant and stylish shoes

As an example, we present this Blucher type shoe with punched details.

The model combines a split leather and linen composition. It is made with a goat leather lining, ideal for the interior of the shoe.

It incorporates cotton laces to the tone, which complement perfectly its design.

As for the sole, it is very light, with a microporous composition and with anti-slipping properties.

The set provides a great comfort to the foot, being ideal for a day full of intensity.

As with all the models manufactured by our brands, these shoes are handmade in Spain.

To do this, we follow a process of handcrafted manufacture, with high quality leathers and materials, where our know-how is revealed.

It is important to note that they fit their real size. This and other models are available in our online store (click here to access).

Photo credit: Eli 1957

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