Books for children that have shoes as leading roles

Books for children (2) that have shoes as leading roles

We continue with the theme of the previous post, which deals with books for children that have shoes as leading roles. Without a doubt, shoes are one of the elements that, directly or indirectly, have the greatest presence in books.

Reading in the childhood is very important for the development of many skills, as well as for their own entertainment. In this second post, we have made another selection of 4 children’s books that are very interesting to share with your kids.

All four of them comprise the zero to 2 years stretch.We invite you to discover them and, why not, to be able to buy or borrow any of them toshare special momentsat home.

Books for children that have shoes as leading roles

Books for children that have shoes as leading roles

Books for children (2) that have shoes as leading roles

Ruby red shoes visits Paris (Kate Knapp) – From 3 to 4 years old

After an exciting plane ride, Ruby and her grandmother Babushka land in Paris. Along with her cousin Felix, Ruby will tour the city. But the truth is that neither the Eiffel Tower, nor the Rodin Museum, nor its wonderful gardens will please Ruby as much as having met Felix. Ruby is a hare who lives with her grandmother in a colorful caravan. She loves to enjoy nature and enjoy good moments with her family and friends. A new collection with beautiful illustrations full of small details to discover.

In your shoes (Meritxell García) – From 5 to 6 years old

Mimí’s socks have torn and her mother accompanies her to buy new ones. She chooses some with a drawing of a centipede, but what she doesn’t know is that they are magical socks. These will allow her to put herself in the shoes of her loved ones, thanks to the game of trying on your shoes. What will Mimi discover about the feelings of others and even her own thanks to those magic socks?

Shoes War (Liz Pichón) – From 10 to 12 years old

The best-selling author series of TOM GATES presents: A perfidious villain, two brave brothers … and dreamy flying shoes! The most fun, fast-paced and mind-blowing shoe war.

Wind shoes and wind sandals (Ursula Wolfel) – From 10 to 12 years old

An extraordinary book that teaches us that if we accept ourselves, others will accept us.

Tim’s only wish is to stop being little Tim, fat Tim. So, when his birthday arrives, he makes this wish. But his parents’ gift is a real disappointment: a pair of shoes, a backpack, and the promise of a long summer outing with his father. Could it be that desires go through unimaginable and unsuspected paths to be fulfilled? 

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