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Beautiful and soft velcro booties for first steps by Cucada

On this occasion, we bring you a couple of models in the form of Velcro Booties for first steps by Cucada. The first steps of babies require a footwear that provides all the guarantees…

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Glitter and velvet Blucher by Sibaritas to dress with style

In today's post we want to show you a proposal that we feel in love with. It is the glitter and velvet Blucher by Sibaritas to dress with style. The blucher refers to a type of footwear with a military origin, as we discovered in a previous post…

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Resistant and comfortable school shoes by Sibaritas for the day-to-day

The great activity during the school year of boys and girls is the focus of the new, resistant, comfortable and light school shoes by Sibaritas for the day-to-day. This optimized proposal of school shoes is ideal for the course of the ye…

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