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APADIS, the leading role in our new Spring/Summer Campaign

We present our new Spring/Summer campaign, in which we have an exceptional protagonist: APADIS. In this new campaign our brand Papanatas returns to project its concept based on the emotional duality between mothers and daughters. Papanatas is our most fashionable line, always full of boldness and color, showing the latest trends in fashion. Continuing with the line of the […]


Comfort and trending style by Sibaritas for this spring

Spring is about to arrive and our brand Sibaritasbrings us comfort and a trending style. Shoes for girls and boys with details that make a difference. On this occasion, we bring you two proposals , one for her and one for him, which are ideal for the arrival of this desired season of the year. Sibaritas trending sports style […]


Cucada: the loving care for the detail for a perfect gift

Today the main character of our blog is our brand Cucada: the loving care for detail for a perfect gift. Cucada is the specialized line of Eli 1957 for babies and first steps children. Its proposals are small works of art, always made under the link between tradition and modernity. In this type of footwear, […]


Communion and ceremony: Proposals for boy’s shoes

In this time of the year prior to some very special days we bring you some fantastic proposals for boy’s shoes focused on Communion and ceremony. As in the case of shoes for girls, this footwear meets all the requirements for an important event. Design, elegance, style, comfort and versatility are present in these proposals. Our […]


Communion and Ceremony: Proposals for shoes for girls

At this time of the year prior to some very special days we bring you some very interesting proposals for shoes for girls focused on the First Communion and Ceremony. A footwear that meets all the requirements for this transcendental appointment. Design, elegance, style, comfort and versatility are present in these shoes. Our specialized brand, Papanatas, […]


Communion and ceremony: elegant and stylish shoes

As we saw in the previous post (click here to read), we have started the season just before some unforgettable appointments where elegant and stylish shoes are key. For boys and girls, celebrating the First Communion or attending any type of ceremony is something really special. Shoes play a decisive role in the composition of special clothing for […]


Communion and ceremony: Dream shoes for unique moments

We start the season before unforgettable events take place and for that reason we want to talk about Dream shoes for unique moments. For any girl, celebrating the First Communion or attending any type of ceremony means starting to understand some adult concepts. These events have evolved their composition and today we can see how the […]


Beautiful and soft velcro booties for first steps by Cucada

On this occasion, we bring you a couple of models in the form of Velcro Booties for first steps by Cucada. The first steps of babies require a footwear that provides all the guarantees of functionality. Comfort, softness, safety and fastening easiness are, amongst others, very important aspects to bear in mind. But in addition to this, […]


Glitter and velvet Blucher by Sibaritas to dress with style

In today’s post we want to show you a proposal that we feel in love with. It is the glitter and velvet Blucher by Sibaritas to dress with style. The blucher refers to a type of footwear with a military origin, as we discovered in a previous post (click here to read). The bluchers have an immense […]


Resistant and comfortable school shoes by Sibaritas for the day-to-day

The great activity during the school year of boys and girls is the focus of the new, resistant, comfortable and light school shoes by Sibaritas for the day-to-day. This optimized proposal of school shoes is ideal for the course of the year, since it allows to maintain the perfect condition of the footwear always. The ecofriendly […]

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