Our products are made of exclusive materials. Any possible mark or colour variations are characteristics that confirm the authentic nature of the skin.

Our quality footwear is an investment in sustainability. Take care of your shoes to enjoy them for a long time.

Whenever possible, try to use environmentally friendly products.

How to take loving care of your shoes?

Leather/Patent Leather/Florenti:

Clean with a dry cotton cloth. Colourless or skin tone waxes can be applied. Dyes of our colours, available in the DYES section.


For stains, clean with a microfiber cloth and micellar water. Subsequently, moisturize with matching polish or Nivea cream if we do not have the right colour.

Patent leather

Stains or scratches can be cleaned with milk.


Clean with a soft brush or hard sponge. For larger stains, try an eraser and, if it doesn't come out, clean with a microfiber cloth and cleaning vinegar, then cover the area with talcum powder and leave it for several days. Brush afterwards. If the stain is from a dark liquid (wine, blood, ...) replace the cleaning vinegar with hydrogen peroxide.

They can be protected with treatment sprays or dust repellents (water-repellent for mops).

Washable leather:

It can be washed in a washing machine, up to 30º.


Our dyes are exclusive and special since they are made based on the leathers that we use in our children's footwear brands: Cucada, Papanatas and Sibaritas. You can find dyes in a wide variety of colours ideal for repairing the leather of your kids' shoes.

In addition to having unique dyes adapted to the colours of our kids' shoes, they also come with a sponge applicator for easy use. And most importantly, our dyes are eco-friendly!

That is, they are made in a completely natural way without using chemicals and are not harmful to the environment.