Origin and curiosities about the fun Halloween party

We probably don’t know much about the true origin and some curiosities about the fun Halloween party.

Halloween is a contraction of the English All Hallows’ Eve, which refers to “All Saints Eve”.  

This celebration is also known for Witches Nightor as the Night of All Saints.  

It is a modern celebration, especially in countries like the United States, Canada, Ireland or the United Kingdom.  

Also, especially in recent years, it is having an impact in Spain and in Latin American countries.

There are certain colors associated with this celebration such as orange, black or purple, as well as mythical symbols such as a hand-carved pumpkin or skulls.    

Another of the most curious elements of this holiday is the legendary phrase “trick or treat“.

Origin and curiosities about the fun Halloween party
Origin and curiosities about the fun Halloween party

Origin and curiosities about the fun Halloween party

This expression is basedon a popular legend with an origin of the Celtic culture.

It is said that not only the spirits of the deceased were free to roam the Earth on Halloween’s night, but also any entity from the spirits’ realms.  

Of all of them, there was one malevolent entity who wandered through towns and villages, from house to house asking for this famous “trick or treat“. 

The legend states that it was best to make a “treat” at any cost, since otherwise he would use his powers to do a “trick“.

If that happened, he cursed the house and its inhabitants with multiple misfortunes.  

To protect themselves from this evil spirit, the idea came up of ​​creating pumpkins with equally evil aspects to deter it.

Therefore, the use of costumes and masks is believed to be due to the need to scare away evil spirits.     

The purpose was to resemble an evil spirit to avoid being harmed.  

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