Animal Print, trending shoes always in fashion

Undoubtedly, the Animal Print line results in trending shoes always in fashion.  

It is a type of print that season after season has a fixed gap.  

As such, both in spring/summer and in autumn/winter, it is a basic piece in the closet, which combines with everything. 

Leopard, zebra, tiger, cheetah and other options mark an unmistakable style.

They are bold options that always bring fresh air to any type of look. 

In summary, the Animal Print is striking by nature, so it must be displayed without any concealment. 

The idea is to point out the importance of the animal instinct, in the good sense of the concept, which provides a lot of security to your combination. 

Animal Print, trend shoes always in fashion

We have selected two Animal Print style proposals for this new autumn/winter season. 

Animal Print, trend shoes always in fashion
Animal Print, trend shoes always in fashion

The first one is from our Papanatas brand. It is a short boot of combined skins, with a velvet ribbon.

Made with our new pointed last, it is a very comfortable model, with a very personal style.

Composed in a bovine fur and an ovine suede on the toe, its lining is entirely of goatskin. 

It has a flexible and anti-slipping rubber sole, with a metallic welt. Important: they fit your actual foot size.

A perfect shoe for those girls and moms who want toshare the same model.

The second option is this bootie with a cowboy cut and a metallic leather detail from our Sibaritas brand.

Animal Print, trend shoes always in fashion
Animal Print, trend shoes always in fashion

Manufactured in bovine leather stamped with leopard spots, it incorporates an inner lateral zipper as fastening. 

It has a full goatskin lining and a thick, flexible, anti-slipping and resistant rubber sole.  

These shoes areessential for those unique moments in which to live exquisite experiences. Important: they fit your actual size. 

Both options have been created under a process of craftsmanship in Spain, with leathers and top quality materials. 

Discover more options in our online store (click here).

Photo credit: Eli 1957

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