Trend shoes by Papanatas that moves girls and moms

Some of our jewels each season are the trend shoes by Papanatasthat moves girls and moms. 

Our most fashionable brand has in mind a very nice way of sharing and creating a strong bond between moms and daughters: wearing the same model of shoes. 

As such, starting from the moment they both discover the model they love, down to the moment in which they both enjoy the same model, infinite feelings happen. 

The truth is that we love to think about these stories full of enthusiasm and pride, since they are really inspiring. 

Thanks to them, we manage to create some of our most striking proposals.

A good example of this is the model we have chosen as the protagonist of this post. 

As you can see in the image, the duality is perfect and the fun is more than assured. 

Trend shoes by Papanatas that moves girls and moms
Trend shoes by Papanatas that moves girls and moms

Trend shoes by Papanatas that moves girls and moms

This buttoned footwear is decorated with bright lively natural hair that brings a great personality to the style and design of the model. 

These shoes are made with a stamped bovine leather with leopard-style spots. 

Its textile lambskin lining and a goatskin insole provide to this model with a great softness and comfort

A flexible and non-slipping rubber sole rounds the functionality of an ideal shoe, very suitable for long hours of daily use. 

Its versatility is beyond doubt, because it combines with many looks. 

As with all shoes of our brands (Papanatas, Sibaritas and Cucada), they are manufactured with a process of craftsmanship in Spain.

In this production, we use high quality leathers and materials.

Perfect shoes for girls and moms who share illusions. A comfortable, urban, fashion footwear, with original and trendy details. 

These and other models of the new season are available on our new website (click here to access).

Photo credit: Eli 1957

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