New shoes of the 2019 fall/winter season by Eli 1957

Finally, here they are! The new shoes of the 2019 fall/winter season by Eli 1957 are already available in many shops. 

With all the hopeful anticipation of the world, our brands of footwear for boys, girls and moms have just opened with many new novelties. 

Our brands, Cucada, Papanatas and Sibaritas, continue to be faithful to their concept and bring us models full of details for the season.    

As always, we produce our shoes with the best materials to ensure that you have the peace of mind that the feet of your children have absolute guarantee in their growth, development and comfort. 

Boots, booties, bluchers, sports shoes, mary-janes and other proposals are the protagonists of our new collection. 

New shoes of the 2019 fall/winter season by Eli 1957
New shoes of the 2019 fall/winter season by Eli 1957

New shoes of the 2019 fall/winter season by Eli 1957

Cucada arrives with beautiful bootees ideal for babies and also with shoes perfect for their first steps.

Our Product Development Department works extensively on these shoes in order to provide the necessary security for their first experiences. 

Papanatas maintains its commitment to fit girls and moms with the same model of shoe, projecting an emotional duality that goes beyond clothing.

Always with fashion touches and trending lines, our most chic brand also brings with it two new models of handbags as accessories. 

On the other hand, Sibaritas comes with spectacular designs for the classic boots and the very comfortable seasonal ankle boots, always reinventing its concept.  

As such, Sibaritas comes with very actual lines and trending materials; the proposals of this brand arefocused on updating fashion classics.

As we always emphasize, our manufacturing is 100% national, with traditional methods and the use of high quality materials. 

Please visit our website, you can see all the models of the new autumn/winter collection, which will surely surprise you with its variety, design and elegance. 

Again, Eli 1957 intends to be your favorite brand to be worn by your kids in their day to day or in the most special moments. 

Photo credit: Eli 1957

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