Ballerinas with crossed straps and bows by Papanatas

One of the best properties of a shoe is that it gives us multiple chances to use them. That is what happens with the ballerinas with crossed straps and bows by Papanatas.

The ballerinas are a type of footwear which design is inspired by classical ballet, hence its name.

In infinity of occasions, ballerinas take the leading role both in girls as well as in moms to close the circle of a perfect look.

Starting from the most classic style, but always elegant, down to the most fashionable models full of details, our brand Papanatas proposes various options.

The Ballerina is an emblematic piece for our most fashionable brand, always forming part of all its collections.

Ballerinas with crossed straps and bows by Papanatas
Ballerinas with crossed straps and bows by Papanatas

Ballerinas with crossed straps and bows by Papanatas

The proposal of this model shows the crossed straps and the bows made with the same leather as the Ballerinas.

For a perfect fit and comfort, it has a buckle fastening to the ankle.

They are manufactured in a very soft ovine suede without lining, with a goat leather insole.

Its sole is made of a very thin, flexible and non-slippering rubber. Without a doubt, a very comfortable option for any occasion. 

All the shoes manufactured by our brands (Papanatas, Sibaritas and Cucada) follow a rigorous process of artisanal production in Spain.

We always select and use leathers and high quality materials to create a product of excellent features.

It is important to note that these Ballerinas with crossed straps and bows by Papanatas fit their real size.

This and other models of Ballerinas, and other footwear options are available in our online store (click here to access).

We invite you to visit our website and discover many options that make the delights of girls and moms.

Papanatas proposes that both girls and moms wear the same model of shoe, creating a perfect duality, since it manufactures sizes up to number 41.

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