The iconic shoe boxes of Papanatas, Sibaritas and Cucada

One of the distinctive elements of our products are the iconic shoe boxes of Papanatas, Sibaritas and Cucada.

Each of our 3 brands has a packaging imbued with the personality of these.

Externally, the influence of a beautiful box and that represents each brand is very important.

In our case, there are innumerable clients of our shoes that tell us how these boxes stay as souvenirs in their homes.

What a great way for a brand to be part of someone’s day-to-day life. As such, we love knowing from you that you like to keep them.

In the case of Papanatas, our most fashionable brand, the unmistakable red colored box defines a daring, sophisticated and impressive personality.

Its logo in white tops an ideal box to keep small things that we like to pamper, or why not, the shoes themselves.

The iconic shoe boxes of Papanatas, Sibaritas and Cucada
The iconic shoe boxes of Papanatas, Sibaritas and Cucada 

The iconic shoe boxes of Papanatas, Sibaritas and Cucada

As for Sibaritas, our product brand with a classic air, but with a modern and casual variation, has a striking and silver colored box. 

It is unmistakable and equally reflects a forceful personality, which is perfectly finished with the logo in red.

Finally, our brand specializing in babies and first steps kids called Cucada shows, as its name indicates, a flirty little box that takes care of and pampers the product.

Cucada is a perfect gift for that exciting moment in which we deliver special shoes for the most beloved person in the house.

Its box combines white and red, finished with the logo in red and a magnetic closure which shows an ideal box concept to be kept.

All three brands with its three box proposals maintain a perfect coexistence and represent three different moments of our growing babies and kids, as well as different uses of our shoes.

Thank you so much for your trustin our shoes and brands.

Photo credit: Eli 1957 

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