Solidarity shoes campaign for girls and boys in Bilbao

Within our social actions policy, we have participated in the second “Shoes of Solidarity  campaign for the girls and boys of Bilbao.

The Footwear Museum of Elda and the charity association The Milk Drop of Bilbao (La Gota de Leche de Bilbao) have carried out this second campaign of Solidary shoes.

This action is the result of an agreement that was created in 2018. This consists of donations of shoes of distinguished persons of the city, as well as of high-quality shoes made by shoe companies.

The Representative of the Association La Gota de Leche, Mr. Julio Piñeiro, has commented on some of the novelties for this year. 

As a novelty, the Association will be present in a stand at the International Exhibition of Bilbao, which will take place next November.

At this event, the Association will exhibit and sell the items that have been donated for this second campaign of Shoes of Solidarity, in favor of girls and boys at risk of social exclusion. 

The Director of the Footwear Museum in Elda,Ms Loles Esteve, highlighted in this occasion the footwear companies that are participating.

Solidarity shoes campaign for girls and boys in Bilbao
Solidarity shoes campaign for girls and boys in Bilbao

Solidarity shoes campaign for girls and boys in Bilbao

The brands Magrit, Sacha London, Paco Herrero, Custom & Chic, Chie Mihara and Eli 1957 have donated to the museum several pairs of shoes, boots and complements which will be delivered to the Association La Gota de Leche.

All these products will be auctioned ina solidarity act in Bilbao.

At the same time, the donations made to the museum by illustrious citizens of the city, come from the former National Football Coach, Mr. Javier Clemente, the soprano Ms. Carmen Parejo, the singer Mr. Iñaki Basabe, the family of Basque entrepreneurs Thate, the Mikel Uriarte Foundation, the cyclist Mr. Chente García Acosta, the Firefighters of Bilbao and the internationally awarded artist, Mr. Asier Sanz.

Asa reciprocal action, the Elda Fire Chief, Mr.Amancio Guerrero, has donated to the Footwear Museum some boots and a helmet, which will be improved by adding a full fire brigade suit.

Photo credit: Eli 1957

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