Split Blucher type shoe for elegant boys by Sibaritas

We are still in the full Spring/Summer season and on this occasion, we want to show you a split blucher type shoe for elegant boys by Sibaritas.

Our brand specialist in elegant footwear, always with updated touches, has among its proposals this classic of fashion.

If we have to highlight an interesting aspect of a blucher, it would be its enormous versatility.

Talking about the blucher concept is talking about a shoe of design, really comfortable.

It can be combined with both costumes and more informal looks, such as jeans.

As they say, it is a basic footwear in the boys’ closet, as it is always a good option for any occasion.

The blucher type shoe has evolved very much since its origin, especially in an aspect as interesting as lightness.

Over time it has become an indispensable footwear model, and it has become a shoe with a marked character and personality.

Split Blucher type shoe for boys by Sibaritas
Split Blucher type shoe for boys by Sibaritas

Split Blucher type shoe for boys by Sibaritas

Entering fully into the characteristics of our model protagonist of the post, we must say that it is made of a very soft cow split leather.

Its lining is made of goat leather. In its unmistakable esthetic it could not miss the cotton cord to the tone, which allows a perfect fastening.

The sole of this model of shoe is very light and anti-slipping.

Without a doubt, an element that contributes to a great comfort for long hours of use.

As with all our brands (Sibaritas, Papanatas and Cucada) we emphasize the painstaking process of handmade elaboration, carried out in Spain.

Eli 1957 only uses top quality leathers and materials, to guarantee a perfect use experience.

If you liked this model and want to buy it, you can do so in our online store, in this and other color tones (click here to access).

Finally, it is important to note that they fit your real size.

Photo creditEli 1957

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