Sports’ style by Sibaritas to shine and conquer the city

Half way through the new Spring/Summer season we want to highlight the sports’ style by Sibaritas to shine and conquer the city.

What do sunny days ask us for? Comfortable, versatile, beautiful and fun shoes.

All that and much more is synthesized in our brand Sibaritas, which always designs models full of surprising details.

Brightness, spontaneity and colourfullness are all concentrated in a striking design in several available tones, like this model we show you.

We know that urban is a trend and that good shoes are the perfect complement to enjoy any kind of activity in this environment.

Sports’ style by Sibaritas to shine and conquer the city
Sports’ style by Sibaritas to shine and conquer the city

Sports’ style by Sibaritas to conquer the city

We are talking about a sports type shoe made of a precious metallic ovine leather, which gives it a huge personality.

This model brings a bow to the tone and shiny crystals to amplify its qualities and to achieve a really highlighted design.

The insole is made of goat leather, with a padded and anatomical design.

It is ideal, therefore, for long hours of use. Absolute comfort in a cutting-edge model.

The fastening of the shoe is a Velcro, which gives it a perfect simplicity. 

Undoubtedly, this kind offasteningis perfect for urban environments, because it allows speed, good fastening and lightness.

It has an anti-slipping thick rubber sports type sole. An important detail to move around in any kind of surface.

Like any other of our models of our brands (Sibaritas, Papanatas and Cucada), they are handmade in Spain.

Of course, we use top quality leathers and materials that guarantee their comfort and durability. 

It is important to note that this model fits your realsize.

It is available in our online store in three different colors, which are pink, turquoise and silver (click here to access). 

Take a leading rolethis new Spring/Summer season with one of our star proposals.

Photo credit: Eli 1957

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