Glitter and velvet Blucher by Sibaritas to dress with style

In today’s post we want to show you a proposal that we feel in love with. It is the glitter and velvet Blucher by Sibaritas to dress with style.

The blucher refers to a type of footwear with a military origin, as we discovered in a previous post (click here to read).

The bluchers have an immense versatility, which allows to have many variations in shapes, designs, colors or materials.

It is an ideal model for casual, informal and even sometimes sporty looks.

On a day to day basis they are indispensable in our closets. Depending on the occasion, they can complement the clothing with a distinctive and striking touch.

Our Sibaritas brand focuses on the blucher concept with design and comfort

The goal is to turn this option into one of the perfect choices for lovers of fashion.

Glitter and velvet Blucher by Sibaritas to dress with style
Glitter and velvet Blucher by Sibaritas to dress with style

The concrete model that we want to show you in this post is a blucher with glitter and velvet, with punching’s that give it a remarkable elegance.

Added to these details in materials and shapes, the shoe incorporates functional cotton laces to the tone.

Its lining is completely made of leather, and it has a thick sole that provides an amazing and essential comfort.

It has a thick sole which is highly resistant and flexible, with a glitter welt that integrates perfectly with the design.

Like all models of our brands, this glitter and velvet blucher is handmade in Spain.

For this reason, we always include high quality materials and a crafted process that has a know-how of more than 60 years.

It is important to note that this model fits its true size, thanks to its last, which favors a perfect fit on the foot.

This and other blucher options are available in our online store (click here to access).

Photo credit: Eli 1957

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