Resistant and comfortable school shoes by Sibaritas for the day-to-day

The great activity during the school year of boys and girls is the focus of the new, resistant, comfortable and light school shoes by Sibaritas for the day-to-day.

This optimized proposal of school shoes is ideal for the course of the year, since it allows to maintain the perfect condition of the footwear always.

The ecofriendly school shoes by Sibaritas have been created with specific properties.

They are made with waterproof microfibers, perfect for wet areas or for those moments of mischief or carelessness while playing with water.

The microfibers used have the best breathability characteristics. This allows the foot to be well protected, both in temperature and in smells.

Thanks to the materials used, these school shoes are very light and comfortable. This is another very important aspect for long hours of daily use.

Resistant and comfortable school shoes by Sibaritas for the day-to-day
Resistant and comfortable school shoes by Sibaritas for the day-to-day

We must highlight all the properties of this type of resistant school shoes

The first is its sewing system. The second its reinforcements in the toes. Both aspects give these shoes a high resistance.

Something that is a novelty and at the same time very functional is that they are washable up to 30ºC of temperature.

A great advantage for dads and moms who have little time to spare.

In addition, they have a great durability, because of their high resistance to chemical agents.

As we know, having durable shoes throughout the school year is key, as their exposure to daily wear is remarkable.

Another additional aspect is it has a very flexible ecological rubber sole, which is also non-slippery and resistant.

As for the closure, they incorporate a functional and comfortable Velcro strap system, perfect for the daily activity.

The ecofriendly school shoes are available in our online Store (click here to access)

Likewise with all our shoes, these ecofriendly school shoes by Sibaritas are handmade in Spain.

An important fact to mention is that they fit their real size.

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