Trendy children’s fashion brands with design and style: Tutto Piccolo

We start a new section in which we will highlight some trendy children’s fashion brands with design and style: Tutto Piccolo.

Our first post in this section is dedicated to Tutto Piccolo.

This children’s fashion brand has decades of experience in the textile sector. Its know-how has passed from father to son generation after generation.

Since 1840 its founders and successors have dedicated their essence to take care of the details, the professionalism and the necessary care to create unique products.

In 1982, Tutto Piccolo was born through a small but exquisite collection. From there, they have created baby collections, pyjamas, accessories and swimwear.

Currently, the company has a large team of professionals with presence in locations such as Alcoy (Alicante), Valencia, Barcelona and Milan.

Trendy children's fashion brands with design and style: Tutto Piccolo
Trendy children’s fashion brands with design and style: Tutto Piccolo

The Tutto Piccolo Group consists of more than 1,500 points of sale

In addition, it owns 25 stores and corners in all the international scope.

And the company has two branches for the control of production and distribution in the United States and Asia.

The number of garments produced per year reaches approximately one million units.

Together with Tutto Piccolo, we have been fortunate to participate in actions such as the Petit Style Walking.

In this well-known children’s fashion catwalk, the brand has shown its seasonal garments. In the event, several national and international brands of this field come together.

Eli 1957 has provided shoe models of its brands (Cucada, Papanatas and Sibaritas) that have complemented the sweet and sophisticated looks of Tutto Piccolo.

The brand has garments ideal for babies, girls and boys up to 12 years.

Its focus on unique models with high quality and style are a perfect choice for moms and dads who are looking for excellence.

Photo credit: Eli 1957

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