Christmas gifts that leave an unforgettable mark

We are approaching special dates and we want to tell you about Christmas gifts that leave an unforgettable mark.

This is the focus of our Cucada brand, which specializes in shoes for babies and first steps babies.

We recommend reading these two previous posts. In them, we highlight important basics to take into account when choosing a good footwear for this charming audience:

Christmas is usually a time to think about gifts. They are two indissoluble concepts, since they go hand in hand.

In those cases in which we have to make a gift to those people who are going to be dads and moms or who are recently been parents, Cucada is a gift with an emotional motive.

As we have commented in other previous posts, that moment in which we make a gift to these friends or family becomes something special.

There are going to be or there are little babies at home that mean a lot to their parents. Therefore, the gift must be taken care of to the extreme.

Christmas gifts that leave an unforgettable mark
Christmas gifts that leave an unforgettable mark

Their first shoes are a gift that is not forgotten. Whether they are for a baby or for a first steps kid, they will surely be shoes that will remain in their memories.

Cucada shoes are really special options as Christmas gifts

Cucada has models full of details. All of them are available in our online store (click here to access).

A model that we highlight as a perfect example is this sport boot, made of camel split with a raw sheepskin edge.

It has a lace closure and a raw textile sheepskin lining. Its insole is made of leather and its rubber sole is to the tone.

Like all the models of our brands (Cucada, Papanatas and Sibaritas), they are handmade in Spain with top quality materials.

As a detail to bear in mind, indicate that they fit small, so we recommend buying one size more than necessary or usual.

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