Ideas with shoes and boxes to decorate your home at Christmas

A special time of the year is coming and for this reason we want to give you some ideas with shoes and boxes to decorate your home at Christmas.

To propose alternatives to the typical Christmas decorations, any unusual variation can end up causing a pleasant surprise.

In our case, we want to bet on placing two elements of ours as decorative proposals.

We are talking about any of the shoes of our three brands: Cucada, Papanatas and Sibaritas.

Boys and girls are great lovers of playing with any object. Therefore, some shoes that may have tones related to Christmas may be ideal.

In red, in green, in white, or, why not, any other tone that can combine well with the typical Christmas decorations can serve us.

Even if the shoes are already somewhat old or have already been left unused due to their size, we can use them to decorate.

Ideas with shoes and boxes to decorate your home at Christmas
Ideas with shoes and boxes to decorate your home at Christmas

There are perfect excuses to create ideas with shoes and boxes

Therefore, with the shoes we can propose approaches to receive Christmas gifts from Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men.

These can complement the known socks that are usually placed near the tree or by the fireplace. They can also serve us to fill them with sweets for that visit.

Here we must play with the imagination. The role of boys and girls contributing with ideas can nourish us with very fun pre-Christmas moments.

As for the boxes, those containing Sibaritas’ shoes (silver boxes), those by Papanatas (in red) or those by Cucada (in white and red) are perfect.

With them we can create a fun area that can serve as a base for the Christmas tree, simulating gifts, providing warmth, etc.

Also, why not, we can place them in other areas of the house full of sweets or any Christmas ornament.

For this, you can place at the base some soft element that makes it stand out more if it fits the continent and the content.

We would love to receive some of your proposals with our shoes and boxes, as Daniela Vicol has done, please see the previous link.

Photo credit: Eli 1957

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