Eli 1957 participates in the humanitarian aid of Honduras

Within the actions of our corporate social responsibility, we want to inform you about Eli 1957 participates in the humanitarian aid of Honduras.

This campaign has been developed thanks to the initiative of the Solidary Civil Guards Association, addressed by some of their members in active service.

This Association, nonprofit, maintains a great human commitment with those who are in great need.

Some of their members have traveled to different countries to deliver food, clothes, shoes and medical material.

On this occasion, the Solidary Civil Guards Association has carried out an Aid Campaign addressed to the children’s population of Honduras.

The action has been developed together with the Mediterranean Rotary E-Club D2203 and the Association managed by the Father Patricio, ACOES.

The objective has been to reach the poorest areas of Honduras

Eli 1957 participates in the humanitarian aid of Honduras
Eli 1957 participates in the humanitarian aid of Honduras

The Campaign has been called “Unthula Operation”.

As such, in order to achieve an optimal logistics management, all the necessary aid has been gathered together in a point in Spain, in this case in Granada.

In this way, the goods are classified, they are palletized and they are sent via sea freight. Also, a number of volunteer agents are named who travel to the area to proceed with the distribution.

By doing so, we certify that the aid reaches the areas where it is required.

In our case, Eli 1957 has participated with a total of 876 pairs of shoes, delivered throughout our three brands: Cucada, Papanatas and Sibaritas.

This Aid Campaign is a complete stimulus to our organization. We are aware of the complex situations that take place in many parts of the world.

Our contribution is part of a global plan in which we collaborate with different social causes through different associations and organisms.

In the image, our General Manager Cinta Alonso received the President of the Mediterranean Rotary E-Club D2203, Louise Balboa and Conchi Martínez, from ACOES, at the moment of collection.

Photo credit: Eli 1957

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