Key aspects about the first steps of girls and boys (II)

Following our previous post, we are going to highlight more key aspects about the first steps of girls and boys (II).

As we mentioned previously, the moment when our babies start to give their first steps is truly unforgettable.

For this stage of life for kids, we highlighted as a very important element the shoes, which for this early age has to meet some key characteristics.

Before we start talking about shoes, we are going to mention that complements like socks, stockings or tights should not be very tight on the feet.

The freedom of the feet is something to keep in mind and anything that limits their movement can be counter-productive.

Equally, in cots or buggies, compressing the space too much where the feet are should also be avoided.

Finally, talking about shoes, we have to consider not to pressure in excess the fastening of those who start to give their first steps.

Key aspects about the first steps of girls and boys (II)
Key aspects about the first steps of girls and boys (II)

The shoes for first steps babies must have a remarkable comfort

Besides, as we mentioned in our previous post, we must choose the adequate size.

If we can avoid using a shoe that has been usedpreviously by another girl or boy we must do so. The reason is simple.

The baby that used the shoe first will have left its foot shapeadapted to the shoe, which is not at all convenient for who uses it afterwards.

An interesting exercise for the sole of the foot in order to strengthen it is to walkbarefooted over sand or grass.

After these remarkable aspects, we are going to show you an example of a perfect shoefor the first steps.

We are talking about these mary-janes with punchings made by our brand focused on babies and first steps Cucada.

It is a modelmade in a powdery pearly pink patent leather.

Its fastening is by means of a buckle. It has a leather interior liningand a rubber sole to the tone.

Very important: these shoes are handmade in Spain, with top quality materials.

Now available in our Online shop (click here to access).

Photo credit: Eli 1957

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