Mutton boot with pompoms by Cucada: the perfect gift

We want to surprise you with this Mutton boot with pompoms by Cucada: the perfect gift.

We can assure you that seeing your little boy or girl with this boot is something very special.

Our specialised brand on baby footwear and first steps kids of Cucada is always creating new fashion proposals full of details.

As a result, what could have been a model for an older person, has become into a mini work of art. This model provokes the most loving feelings on daddies and mummies.

As such, imagine for a moment: you have to think of a gift for a couple who have a small baby. Cucada makes it very easy for you to offer an unforgettable present.

That is precisely the essence of our brand: creating once-in-a-life-time moments. Baby-boys and baby-girls grow-up very quickly.

Those priceless instants stick on the memories of those daddies and mummies forever.

Mutton boot with pompoms by Cucada: the perfect gift
Mutton boot with pompoms by Cucada: the perfect gift

The mutton boot with pompoms by Cucada is the ideal option to give as a gift

Its design with half a leg and its manufacture with English split with mutton in the inside makes this model a perfect combination in the shape of a shoe.

The boot has an interior zip fastening. As a detail, it incorporates a velvet bow from which two big pompoms hang.

The pompoms give the shoe a great personality, which combined with matching clothing has as a result an undeniable style stamp.

Its interior lining is all of mutton lambskin, very soft and pleasant. The sole is made of anti-slipping rubber to the tone.

Therefore, warmth and comfort guaranteed.

Just like all the models made by our different brands (Cucada, Papanatas and Sibaritas), it is handmade in Spain, with top quality materials.

We want to mention an important point, and that is that this model fits tight, so we suggest you purchase one size bigger than your true size.

This and other models are available in our online shop (click here to access).

Photo credit: Eli 1957

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