Zip ankle boot with diamonds on tongue by Sibaritas

In this article we want to present a model that we are fascinated about, and that is the zip ankle boot with diamonds on tongue by Sibaritas.

Just as we saw in our previous article, in which we talked about the military style boot by Sibaritas, on this occasion we bring another sophisticated proposal.

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The model we are discovering today is a zip boot that has a tongue of diamonds. This detail provides a fantastic fashion look.

This zip boot has been made in oiled bovine split

The Oiled Split leather of this kind provides a modern touch that is really remarkable.

The introduction of the zip detail to this ankle boot changes the personality of the model, transforming the classic concept into a disruptive and actual boot.

Such elements are complemented and reinforced by the eyelets in the binding where the shoelaces run.

Zip ankle boot with diamonds on tongue by Sibaritas
Zip ankle boot with diamonds on tongue by Sibaritas

The sole of this model is made of a track rubber, anti-slipping and durable. It is an element that provides a great comfort and security.

The interior lining is all made of leather, which gives the foot warmth and softness. As a result, this boot is ideal to be worn all day.

As all the model made by our brands (Papanatas, Cucada y Sibaritas), this zip boot is handmade in Spain with top quality materials.

It is important to say that this model fits a true size.

This option of boot as well as any other model are all available in our online shop (click here to access).

In the image, we can check the beauty of this model, perfect for this autumn and winter season.

These boots are the best complement for any kind of situation and occasion. Without any doubt, they are multipurpose as they can combine with many styles.

A robust, elegant, secure, and modern option, which highlights your usual clothing as a complement.

Photo credit: Eli 1957

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