Military style Boot with high personality by Sibaritas

In this article we want to present the spectacular Military style Boot with high personality by Sibaritas.

Within the new proposals of the Autumn/Winter season, we could not miss out this model within the options of our brand Sibaritas.

Our brand constantly tries to reinvent the classics with a touch of today’s style, with sophisticated nuances that make each model a special piece.

This military style boot is a hit

This model surprises with its punchings, that gives them personality, and its lateral elastic border as a complementary detail that allows an easy fitting.

Military style Boot with high personality by Sibaritas
Military style Boot with high personality by Sibaritas

Its shoelaces are made of cotton and has a practical and comfortablelateral interior opening with a zip.

It is made with damp-proof bovine split, with an anti-slipping and durable track rubber sole.

In its interior, it has a full leather lining. Without any doubt, a combination of elements that provide design and comfort.

As all the models made by our brands(Sibaritas, Papanatas and Cucada), these military style boots are handmade in Spain, with top quality materials.

It is important to mention they fit a true size. You can discover these and other models in our online shop (click here to access).

This kind of shoehas several extra advantages, as well as all the ones we have mentioned.

Their comfort and practicalityare fresh air that complement many styles of outfits, either with a trouser or with a skirt or dress.

The military style boots provide also lots of security, both for its concept and arrangement.

Without any doubt, they have become an indispensable element for the wardrobe, where they can be used both in autumn and in winter.

This season this kind of boot is seen in countless urban and cosmopolitan styles. Both for the day and for the night, these bootsare the perfect solution to conquer any situation or occasion.

Photo credit: Eli 1957

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