Eli 1957, shoes with a touching generational bond

In this occasion we want to tell you about our latest micro-campaign, substantiated in our mother brand Eli 1957, shoes with a touching generational bond.

The main characters of this micro-campaign are Jose A. Alonso, alma mater of the company and second generation; and her grand daughter Aroa Eastman, which represents the fourth generation.

As a bond full of emotions, here is a shoe of our Cucada brand, a version that recalls the first shoes made by the company more than sixty years ago.

This is the message of this Eli’s 1957 proposal

“More than 60 years ago we created our first shoes.

Today, our fourth generation is now ready for the future”

Eli 1957, shoes with a touching generational bond
Eli 1957, shoes with a touching generational bond

This is followed by a picture that summarizes the essence of what we are, a family business, with a great tradition and experience, always open to the future, innovative and with a great international projection.

The shoe sector is a world full of complexities, in which things have to be done very well each day, as we are going to dress the feet of thousands and thousands of people from many different places.

Eli 1957, shoes with a touching generational bond

Accompanied by our shoes you live unique moments, special moments, and routine moments.

After all, moments from each and everyone who have worn, wear and will wear any of the models of any of our brands.

Cucada, Papanatas, and Sibaritas, our product brands, reflect all this essence and philosophy, with nowadays designs, adapted, sophisticated and always flashy, looking after that the comfort of the feet is always appropriate.

And, we are always faithful to our product identity where we make 100% of our shoes in Spain with top quality materials which are a total sample guarantee.

As such, with this micro-campaign, we want to express our gratitude to all clients their trust along all these years, who are who have allowed us to achieve such incredible levels of success.

The whole team of Eli 1957 thanks you for your affection!

Photo credit: Eli 1957

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